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Do UN Sustainable Development Goals protect LGBTI?

At first glance my title proposes a brainstorming on how we can include LGBTI issues in SDGs. Firstly because these minorities suffer. Secondly, because it is a way to have financial help from international and governmental organizations.

If I am not mistaken, in 2011, the UN was preparing its new Millennium Development Goals under the directive « Addressing inequalities ». This would have been a great opportunity for sexual minorities and transgender people. The UN nonetheless during multilateral negotiations changed it to the 17 SDGs. I am not quite at ease with the word « sustainable », because in a common sense it is used to talk about global warming.

Anyway, we can already say that sexual health rights highly target LGBTI people. But actually LGBTI issues are clearly invisible, at least not like women’s and men’s equality is highlighted.

How do you think LGBTI people are concerned by these SDGs?

The discussion has begun in the Global LGBTI Rights & Development Policies Group. Follow this link -> http://www.linkedin.com/groups?about&gid=8356967&trk=groups%2Fhome-h-share



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