GLBT Chinese festival in Paris

GLBT Chinese festival in France

Hello everyone! I would like to share with you the outstanding festival that one of my friend has created and is opening today, the GLBT Chinese festival in France.

The GBLT Chinese Festival in France

During more than one week the association Happy Togayther, and its president Zhou Yu, will celebrate the second edition of the GLBT Chinese festival in France. Diner, exhibitions, colloquiums, round tables are organized.

GLBT Chinese in France and in China

Every year, there are more than 50 000 Chinese coming to study in France. It is also estimated that around 40 to 60 million of people are gays or lesbians in China. Most of the events to defend or to protect these minorities are however dismissed by the Chinese government. As Zhou Yu explains on Têtu, he took the idea to open a GLBT festival for Chinese but in France.

The GAY Kiss at the City Hall

For the occasion we have done a remake of the Kiss at the City Hall of Robert Doisneau. I « sacrificed » myself for the show, i.e. I am one of the players at the front page. The other person I kissed is a Chinese photographer, Banjin, who is doing an exhibition for the festival. For those who did not know the famous kiss of Paris, just a glimpse below.

The GLBT Chinese festival program

The festival proposes different events such as an autograph cession of Peng Gang’s book Artiste du Peuple (Artist of the People). Organized by Zhou Yu, a diner will combine Chinese gastronomy and cultural references. As I said above, an exhibition of Banjin’s photography work is organized at the Parisian GLBT library, Les Mots à la Bouche. Academic researchers such as Chen Peng and Monique Selim are also invited for the occasion. All the program is available on the official website of Happy Togayther.

The GLBT Chinese festival on press

If you are interested to read the press review of the GLBT Chinese festival in France, please find below the links (French):

La semaine LGBT chinoise lance sa deuxième édition à Paris

but also on Têtu and e-Llico.

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