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The Birth of Biopolitics as a Reaction From Mercantilism

Introduction to Global Goals and Biopolitics Today, I would like to start a series of posts concerning my understanding of biopolitics and how this will lead us to analyse the new United Nations’ Global Goals or Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Two months ago, the 70th General assembly presented these seventeen SDGs, their targets and more than their three hundreds indicators. World leaders agreed on “new sustainable development norms”. Countries are required to reach each of these Global goals’ targets by 2030. Nonetheless, are these new norms and consequently these new international policies working for freedom? Freedom from pollution for instance, but […]

HIV and T-cell

UNAIDS and Human Rights

“It is about social justice, it is about global health, maternal health, child health. It is about human rights.” Michel Sidibé Today it is the World AIDS Day and I wanted to make a free and rapid access to my complete study on Human Rights and UNAIDS (Part I & Part II). It is more than a study about AIDS, I made it to analyse how freedom is important for a good strategy in public health. Feel free to comment my work. In few months I will probably write more posts on political liberties. Nonetheless, it is today all about UNAIDS and its response against HIV : Part […]

UNAIDS World AIDS Day Campaign 2015

The spread of negative liberty through rights-based development policies (Part II)

The UNAIDS negative liberty response to HIV UNAIDS has made human rights the center of its public policy recommendations and analysis to fight HIV globally (1). This global institution is an UN inter-organizational agency working through a proper secretariat but dependent on nine UN organizations – ILO, UNDP, UNDOC, UNESCO, UNFPA, UNHRC, UNICEF, WFP, WHO –, these nine institutions plus the World Bank are named cosponsors (2). UNAIDS has globally two missions which are taken by its Secretariat. On the one hand, it has to provide a global leadership in response to HIV issues and to find a global consensus […]

World AIDS Day 2014

The spread of negative liberty through rights-based development policies (Part I)

An UN response to HIV issues Since the Second World War, the United Nations (UN) has been missioned to maintain peace and international security. According to its Charter, these twofold mandates need to be achieved through the respect of human rights1. Those rights are minimal resources for people. They are used as an instrument to claim against violences perpetrated by states and societies against fundamental freedoms. With the creation of UNAIDS in 1996, the UN and the World Bank decided to develop a rights-based response to HIV issues. This new institution has however gone beyond human rights. It has shaped […]

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Do UN Sustainable Development Goals protect LGBTI?

At first glance my title proposes a brainstorming on how we can include LGBTI issues in SDGs. Firstly because these minorities suffer. Secondly, because it is a way to have financial help from international and governmental organizations. If I am not mistaken, in 2011, the UN was preparing its new Millennium Development Goals under the directive « Addressing inequalities ». This would have been a great opportunity for sexual minorities and transgender people. The UN nonetheless during multilateral negotiations changed it to the 17 SDGs. I am not quite at ease with the word « sustainable », because in a common sense it is […]


Une stratégie de plaidoyer incluant la liberté négative en santé publique mondiale

Je publie un travail que j’ai effectué dans le cadre d’une réponse à une offre d’emploi en tant que chargé de partenariats hépatite pour l’ONG Coalition International Plus en juin dernier. Le poste demandait en réalité d’accompagner le plaidoyer d’une dizaine de pays du Sud à partir du siège social de l’organisation à Paris. En plus de ma lettre de motivation et de mon curriculum vitæ, j’ai joint ce petit plan stratégique où j’en ai profité pour inclure les principes de liberté négative. J’ai reçu par téléphone de bonnes appréciations de la part du responsable plaidoyer de cette association, mais il recherchait un sénior. Bonne […]