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Gay Marriage Referendum in Slovenia

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iDeas 4 Minorities

In a democratic country you have the right to vote. In Slovenia, on the 20th of December, a referendum will be organized about gay marriage. I met a Ljubljana citizen who is studying in Paris. She decided to participate in this referendum from France and wanted to speak about her iDeas 4 Minorities.

1/ Would you like to introduce yourself?

LoriMy name is Lori, I am Slovene and I am studying languages. I live in Paris for an ERASMUS program, I wanted to experience the life in a big city. I have time to think here and to write a blog.
Through this blog, I have discovered that I love writing. It is a way to express myself. I chose Internet instead of a diary because I want to make my thoughts visible and to help my followers somehow. However I do not want to make my website a self-promotion. I am not posting every thing on Internet, there are secrets I keep for myself.

2/ What is the situation for homosexuals in Slovenia?

Regarding the law, gays can express themselves. There is also a law against homophobia at work and in your private life. You are also able to join the army. Step child adoption is also possible.
Currently, the government is planning a referendum because of a law adopted in February. A large majority of Members of Parliament (MPs) opened marriage for lesbians and gays at the begging of 2015.

3/ What will happen for Slovenes in few days?

An opposition from MPs succeeded these latest months in gathering 40.000 signatures to oppose gay marriage voted back in February. For that reason, a referendum will be organized on the 20th of December to ask Slovenes if they agree with the evolution of the law. The acknowledgement of gay couples in front of our republic is thus in danger.

Love in Slovenia, gay marriage
Love in Slovenia

4/ Why do you care about this gay marriage referendum?

I think it is about freedom and I do not understand why some people are against the freedom of others. I am therefore scared that the referendum will backtrack the evolution of gay marriage. Because LGBT people are a minority, if heterosexuals do not support them, who will? Finally, it is also because some of my friends are gay and I want to vote for them and their future.

5/ From your answers above, what have you planed to do for gay and lesbian rights?

I voted last week to support these new rights in favor of gay people. I was really proud of doing this, like a good deed. I also try to make my friends more sensitive about this issue. Most of them are libertarians in their mind but very lazy about politics.

6/ Do you think a lot of Slovenes care about gay marriage?

I think that in the capital city, comparing to the countryside, we are more at ease with LGBT people because there are gay associations, clubs, etc. and we even have a Pride Parade and Movie festival for gays and lesbians.
However, the opposition in my country is not so strong as it was in France in 2013. We do not have strong demonstrations like the Manif Pour Tous or little riots in front of the national assembly.
I just hope that Slovenes will vote and that they will vote in favor of gay marriage.

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Michaël Cousin

Work with a profound interest in freedom issues. As one of my mentors told me: the world will be far more better when people will consider how multiple forms of power push us. For that reason, I am working on human rights.

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  1. Anej hey ! If there is near you « konzularnno predstavništvo Republike Slovenije » then you probably still can.
    I found all the info on the web page : Drzavna volilna komisija.
    Here’s what they say :

    Volivci, ki bodo na dan glasovanja začasno v tujini
    lahko glasujejo na dva načina in sicer: na diplomatsko
    konzularnem predstavništvu Republike Slovenije, če je
    tam vzpostavljeno volišče, ali po pošti iz tujine.

    Za obe obliki morajo volivci o svoji nameri obvestiti
    Državno volilno komisijo in sicer:
    – za volitve najkasneje 30 dni pred dnevom glasovanja
    – za referendum najkasneje 15 dni pred dnevom

    I hope you can still make it !
    Here is the e-mail, where you can ask them a question : gp.dvk@dvk-rs.si
    Best, L.

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