Is homosexuality becoming for the first time a human security issue ?

As Reuters published in its website, the U.N. Security Council decides to hold a meeting on the Islamic state attacks against homosexuals. The next 24th of August, two gays, an Iraqi and a Syrian, will brief the United Nations. Continuer la lecture de Is homosexuality becoming for the first time a human security issue ?

Transnational Mobilization of Political Weakness

Repression of sexual minorities by Russian authorities

Published on Chaos International
Translation: Lawrence Myers


On June 30, 2013, Vladimir Putin announced a law against “propaganda encouraging minors to accept non traditional sexual relationships”. This law aims to prevent LGBTI activists (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender and Intersex) from using public space for promoting their rights, and also forbids, “the diffusion of all information likely to arouse this type of interest in minors”.However, the effect of this new legislation is the endangering of liberty of expression and, de facto, liberty of the press. It otherwise not only sanctions Russian citizens, but also extends to foreigners present on Russian soil.
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Orientation sexuelle & coopération internationale

« l’idéal devrait être de pouvoir aussi bien aimer une femme qu’un homme, n’importe quel être humain, sans éprouver ni peur, ni contrainte, ni obligation. »

Simone de Beauvoir

Comment deux personnes qui s’aiment, qui prennent du plaisir et qui sont par ailleurs consentantes ont pu déclencher autant de haine allant même jusqu’à leur extermination ? Et comment, après ce paroxysme de l’homophobie pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale, sa permanence n’a t’elle pas suscité l’intérêt de la communauté internationale avant ces quelques dernières années ? Ces deux questions méritent à elles seules la lecture de toute une littérature et l’étude de tout un combat qui se sont vus bien souvent confrontés à un conservatisme insensible. Continuer la lecture de Orientation sexuelle & coopération internationale

30th anniversary of the discovery of AIDS

The world on June the 5th

Yesterday, the world celebrated the 30th anniversary of the discovery of AIDS. In thirty years what has happened in the world? Is the « gay cancer » still affecting gays  more than straights? What about Africa and the price of drugs? And one of the biggest hopes of this century : a HIV vaccine? After reading several articles, I select an audio interview from The Economistwhich sums up the history of AIDS through these past years and what may happen in the future. Continuer la lecture de 30th anniversary of the discovery of AIDS